What’s in my Wedding Kit

What’s in my Wedding Kit

I am never a light packer! Whether going on vacation, or heading to do hair for a wedding party, I like to be prepared. I get a lot of questions about what my favourite products are in my wedding kit, and boy do I have a lot. I managed to narrow it down to 11 products that I find absolutely necessary when styling wedding and special event hair.


11. AG Dry Wax Spray: This is a great product to create texture and definition before I pin in the crown area. Be careful with this, a little goes a long way.

10. L’Oreal Pro 60s Babe Savage Panache - This is a dry volume and texture spray. I use this after blowdrying to add extra grit and texture when the hair is still too soft or slippy and need more hold.

9. L’Oreal Pro Mythic Oil - This is a great product to use on dry ends to help even out the hair's porosity. It reduces frizz and adds polish and shine after curling or flat ironing. I love this product because it's never heavy, even on fine hair.

8. Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray - Another great product to add grip and take away the slippiness of freshly washed hair. It also doubles as a great dry shampoo.

7. L’Oreal Pro Metallic Gloss Pomade - I love this pomade to smooth frizz and tame dry ends before pinning. I always try and have a little on my hands when I’m pinning up an updo.

6. Alcohol - It is super important to sanitize tools before each and every client. I always use barbicide between each booking but I use alcohol to sanitize when I'm on the go. I use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) in a small spray bottle.

5. Redken Triple Take 32 - I use this extreme hold finishing spray at the very end of an updo to cement everything into place. It has a superfine mist and freezes the hair exactly where you want it.

4. Redken Hot Sets 22 - This is a great thermal spray to use before you curl. It protects the hair and add extra hold and texture to your curls.

3. L’Oreal Pro Air Fix 5 - My favourite working spray. It has a strong hold, but is brushable and never sticky. It also has anti static properties that really help in Alberta’s dry climate.

2. L’Oreal Pro Pli - I always start an updo with this product. I like to spray in into damp or dry hair and blow-dry in some volume. It gives me awesome volume and grip where ever I need it. 

1. L’Oreal Pro Super Dust - An absolute must! It helps in so many ways. I use this hair powder to add volume, to help make backcombing a breeze, and before installing clip in extensions. 


There you have it! My top Wedding Kit must have products. xoxo