1 - Preparing for baby Ransome

1 - Preparing for baby Ransome

Welcome! I’ve created this blog so you can follow along with our adventures as a new family of 3. I had a pretty great pregnancy (well other than the usual morning sickness, tiredness, heartburn and swelling.) We had a long journey getting pregnant and I felt very lucky to be able to be experiencing it all.


For our last date night out, Scott and I were lucky enough to attend the BOMA Gala and Awards with Scott’s Company Brookfield. It was so much fun to get all dressed up and fancy one last time before the baby came.


On Sunday May 6, my friends threw me a beautiful Shower to celebrate his arrival. We ate like queens and made some adorable onsies for the baby. Thank you Deidre, you are truly a gem and a shower planning genius.  


After the shower I did a little photo shoot with my GF Debby. If you ever need pictures done, she is so talented, and she just getting started! (Check her out on Instagram @debbylawphotography)


Little did we know, our last 3 weeks getting ready for Baby Ransome ended up only being 3 days! Luckily we were pretty well set up and were even doing some baby errands before we had to head to the hospital on Saturday May 12. 

2 - Welcoming Jackson Holt Ransome

2 - Welcoming Jackson Holt Ransome